Tim Bertens

A little about myself


I was born in 1975 in Ostend, Belgium and I have been keen on technology and computers ever since a massive PC/XT became a resident in our house around 1985. I didn't take too long before I started developing software and even got a few copies sold.

Today, I am still as passionate about creating technology based solutions for real world problems as I was at the age of 10. Over the years I've managed teams up to 50 people doing so and I've learned -sometimes the hard way- that in most cases technology is an extend of collaboration between people and companies.

So dealing with business problems, expanding markets and introducing new products is dealing with organisational efficiency, business processes and customer experience. Doing that while standing on the shoulders of technology, is what I love most and do best.

On a personal level

Since quite a while, I am happily living together with Benedikte Vanderweeën, a wonderful person and very talented graphic designer (visit her resume). We are currently living in Ronse, Belgium surrounded by the almost always pleasant chaos of our 3 children Louis, Jerôme and Charlotte.

  • Michel De Coster

    Tim is a professional in all aspects of his job. IT and Operations are his natural habitat and he manages all aspects of this area with dedication , skills and passion. He is also a teamplayer and a seasoned manager of teams . Was a great pleasure to work with him . Michel De Coster

  • Domien Claeys

    I have worked with Tim for two years. As analyst, I was part of a business transformation team Tim was leading. I loved working with him. Beside his technical skills and skills to deal with people and teams, Tim gets things done! Whether it is on high management level or when dealing with stakeholders or even with both feet in a project team, Tim always manages to focus on the right things and makes sure that necessary progress is made. His open perspective and willingness to share knowledge and experiences makes him a perfect coach for teams and individuals. Personally, I learned a lot from Tim. I am grateful for what he taught me and have tons of respect for the things he realized in the two years I worked side by side with him. Tim is added value for any company struggling with change or growth. No doubt about that! Domien Claeys

  • Meindert Van Duijvenbode

    I worked together with Tim to setup a whole new IT environment for Euphony NL. Tim proved to be transparant, professional and driven, with the ability to manage on a high abstraction level, but on the other hand understanding the technology and operational success factors and the people behind them. Meindert Van Duijvenbode

  • Bruno Voeten

    Tim is a real professional, he has a vision and once he knows what direction to go, he is able to bring this message. Tim is doing well in a group and he is able to reach a wide range of audiences. Listening to his opinion is always interesting, often I had the "hmm, he could be right" feeling. Never met somebody that was able to take so many issues and when everybody is pointing at him, he will keep smiling and goes on. He will never give up. A former COO told me, Tim is probably the brightest guy of the company. Yes I can recommend him, as colleague, manager, the guy that brings the solution and even as a friend. Bruno Voeten

  • Frederic Michils

    Tim is an experienced IT director who thinks in solutions taken into account the provided budget he gets. He operates with a helicopter view analyzing the processes of the company. Tim is also a good and experienced people manager. I can strongly recommend his profile and I have a good experience in working with him during more than 10 years. Frederic Michils

  • Günther Dauw

    I know Tim as an excellent IT manager for mainly two reasons: 1. IT really is his business since he is aware of as well technologies and recent evolutions, as really technical issues; and 2. he is a good manager because of his people and social skills, because he knows what to do with and about facts and figures and finally because he knows how to "translate" IT/technical issues to a "non-IT language". It always has been a pleasure of working together and achieving our goals while thinking out of the box! Günther Dauw

  • Rob Van Well

    I have worked with Tim in his role as interim manager at iCapps Antwerp. Tim spent much effort to improve the cooperation between iCapps and 1Limburg. I have experienced him as a smart and sympathetic professional, who stays focused and steady under difficult circumstances. Rob Van Well

  • Ramesh Babu

    I worked with Tim for almost 2 years. Tim is an excellent IT manager. He is a visionary and always makes decisions with the future in mind. He is knowledgeable and well experienced in IT projects including large transformation and integration projects . He always thinks strategic and aligns business with IT by delivering valuable business needs. Tim is smart, organised, creative, dedicated and works very well with diverse groups of people. Ramesh Babu

  • Joris Petillion

    I know Tim since the beginning of my career. He successfully worked out several web development projects. Tim knows how to manage expectations, and he is a very strong communicator. These are pretty rare, yet crucial, features in IT management. Tim always delivers what has been agreed upon. He doesn't over promise, and as a client I always knew where we had it. Very comfortable and professional. Greatly recommended! Joris Petillion

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